POTW: 50% off Escutcheon Repair Plates – once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Replacing a clients front door lock can leave a relatively unattractive hole present in the area of the mechanism

The last thing you want to do is leave your client unhappy, and TradeLocks has the perfect solution! Escutcheon Repair Plates are the ultimate door hardware to make this area just as attractive as the rest. And luckily for you, until 11.59pm on Thursday 7th September, we are offering a massive 50% off ALL Escutcheon Repair Plates with the use of promo code REPAIRPLATES at checkout.

These fantastic and attractive additions to the lock will make all the difference to the way your clients lock looks and their overall door curb appeal. Each TradeLocks Escutcheon Repair Plate is developed to the highest quality materials such as Solid Brass or Stainless Steel 304. Designed and developed for effectiveness, durability and an overall better looking door – they are easily the best choice that the market has to offer!

Starting from as little as £0.28+VAT with 50% discount, and available in a wide range of options in both sizes and types, there is something suitable for every locksmith, lock and client. Whether you have just fit a new Mortice Lock, Euro Cylinder or Oval/Scandinavian Lock profile there is a suitable Repair Plate to complete every key way.

And to make your job even easier, Escutcheon Repair Plates come in two different fitting options. The Pozi Drive screws require very little effort and can be applied within minutes, then you have high impact and bond self-adhesive tape which offers an alternative that not only keep screws out of sight but application is practically effortless.

This fantastic door hardware is a great way to further improve your customers overall door security as well as the overall appearance of the door and the eyesore hole left upon replacement of their lock. Not only will your clients be satisfied with the overall end result of their new lock fitting, they will appreciate that you pay attention to detail and offer them a variety of options to ensure that they are fully satisfied!

Whether you live in Scotland, Ireland, England or Wales you will have clients looking for a more attractive presentation of their lock and a way to make it look more complete; Escutcheon Repair Plates are the way to go!

Remember, this deal is only valid until the end of Thursday 7th September with use of promo code REPAIRPLATES at checkout, so don’t miss out! Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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