UAP Limited Launch FDM Training Centre

FDM Launch - Training Centre

UAP Limited Launch FDM Training Centre

Elevating Fire Door Safety: As part of UAP Limited, we are happy to announce that UAP Limited Launch FDM training centre, the UK’s First Fire Door Maintenance Training Centre

In the wake of increased scrutiny on fire safety measures post-Grenfell, the demand for stringent fire door installations, inspections, and maintenance has never been more critical. Recognizing this urgency, UAP Limited unveiled a groundbreaking initiative on February 8th, 2024, with the opening of the UK’s premier Fire Door Maintenance (FDM) Training Academy in Bury, Greater Manchester.

Nicola John, the Managing Director of Fire Door Maintenance (FDM), emphasised the pivotal role of accredited fire door safety training in bridging knowledge gaps and enhancing public sector safety standards. In her statement, she underscored the necessity for specialized training, particularly in light of the Building Safety Act 2022 and revelations from the Grenfell inquiry.

The significance of Fire Doors

Fire doors are frontline defenders against the spread of fire and smoke. However, the critical role they play often goes unnoticed, compounded by lax regulations allowing unqualified individuals to install, inspect, and maintain them. The consequences of this laxity were starkly illustrated in the Grenfell tragedy, where discrepancies in door hardware contributed to catastrophic outcomes.

Addressing Safety Risks through Training

To address these inherent safety risks, comprehensive training is imperative. The FDM Training Academy stands as a beacon of hope, offering practical, hands-on instruction alongside theoretical modules accredited by GQA Qualifications. Courses cover a spectrum of topics, including fire door inspections, maintenance, and installations, emphasizing the importance of adhering to primary test evidence.

The ‘golden thread’ principle, central to the Hackitt report, forms the cornerstone of the academy’s curriculum, highlighting the risks associated with altering or substituting fire door components. Upon completion, participants receive GQA skills cards, attesting to their competence and readiness for on-site engagements.

Bespoke Training Solutions

In addition to serving external stakeholders, the Training Academy caters to UAP Limited’s 400-strong workforce, ensuring they’re equipped with the requisite knowledge to execute fire door inspections, maintenance, and installations with precision. Operatives receive tailored training, incorporating insights on specific fire door manufacturers and associated risks, thus bolstering their efficacy in the field.

Looking Ahead

The inauguration of the FDM Training Academy marks a pivotal moment in the quest for enhanced fire door safety. Through collaborative efforts with suppliers, customers, and industry partners, UAP Limited is poised to set new benchmarks in fire safety excellence. Nicola John expressed gratitude to stakeholders for their unwavering support, underscoring the collective commitment to future successes.

In essence, the establishment of the FDM Training Academy represents a proactive step towards fortifying fire safety protocols nationwide. By prioritising specialised training and fostering a culture of compliance, UAP Limited is leading the charge towards a safer, more resilient built environment for generations to come.

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