Our extensive range of security products are ideal for adding value to your doors, whilst also leaving your customers reassured about their safety.

For the ultimate security accessory why not consider adding one of our Identity Card Slots? Age UK and the Metropolitan Police actively campaign that homeowners should always check the ID of doorstep callers before allowing them entry to their property.

With the UAP Identity Card Slot, the homeowner doesn’t even have to open the door to potential risk to receive the card. They simply lift up the sliding latch on the inside of the Identity Card Slot to allow the caller to slip their card through.

“Why don’t they just post it through the letterbox?” a lot of people ask, well there’s many impracticalities for doing this. For instance, vulnerable and elderly people might get flustered and embarrassed when trying to fumble around receiving the ID card through the letterbox and in many apartments and sheltered accommodation – where communal postal areas are popular – the doors may not even have a letterbox.their ID card through. The sliding latch even prevents unwanted items being put through.

“Don’t bogus callers just make their own ID cards?” is another question that occurs with bogus callers. Age UK and the Police encourage people to check the ID card is genuine by not calling the number on the card, but using the phone book, a bill or directory enquiries to call the company and check that they have sent somebody out.

Most importantly, the Identity Card Slot shows the caller that the homeowner is aware and prepared for bogus callers. They are available in mirror polished stainless steel and polished PVD gold, as well as 20-40mm for UPVC doors and 40-80mm for wooden and composite doors.

For extra security our Solid Door Restrictors are a favourite amongst hotels and are perfect for anyone with limited hand movement or arthritis as there’s no chain to deal with, just a solid sliding bar. Our Solid Door Restrictors are easy to install and are available in chrome and brass finishes. If a chain is your preference, our door chains have extra strong welded links and have been tested to withstand extreme breaking forces. We have two types of door chains, the Narrow Security Chain and the Sliding Security Chain.

Key fishing through the letterplate is a real problem which can easily be prevented with our Letterplate Restrictor Shrouds that can be fitted to any 12” UAP letterplate. They are easy to fit and low cost but offer fantastic increased profit opportunities. The shrouds are available in gold anodised and silver anodised finishes.

For additional security for internal wooden and composite doors our Rack Bolts are a great, low cost and incredibly easy to fit accessory. The UAP rack bolt set consists of 2 rack bolts, a security key and a complete set of cover plates in polished brass, white and polished chrome.

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