Home Protection and Safety in Style: New Window Restrictor Finishes

After numerous requests from customers MAX6MUM SECURITY has released the latest colours of Window Restrictors and TradeLocks has them in stock!


You will now find not only the standard white and brown but the following colours:

Polished Gold with Black Cord
Polished Chrome with Black Cord
Polished Chrome with Transparent Cord


If you were impressed by the abilities and overall effectiveness of the MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors but wanted more versatility to offer your clients so they can match the hardware to the interior of their home now is the time to check them out again! Each of the new finishes features the highly sought after and extra durable MRSA resistant additive which ensures that they outlast any other restrictor on the market and the numerous other features that make the MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors better than the competition.

The MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors range offers everything you need to secure both windows as well as doors. Each features an extra long cord which allows your client to decide how opened they want the window to be. Designed to withstand up to 100 kg of pressure even a large child or even an adult will be protected from a possible trip and fall out of a window. The locking mechanism is very easy to fit and includes a key which allows for easy and quick locking and unlocking of the restrictor for when it’s necessary to open the window fully.

Children like to explore and the outside world has always seemed more interesting than staying inside which means securing windows should be the number one safety measure needed to be taken once they become mobile. Though ideal and developed specifically for children the MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors are suitable for anyone looking to make their windows safer as trips and falls near low windows is a risk not only for children but adults as well and even curious pets.

TradeLocks is the leading distributor of high quality lock tools and home security solutions in the UK with thousands of professionals trusting us to help them grow in their trade. As a locksmith you must be prepared to offer consultation and assistance not only with locks but overall door and window security and safety and MAX6MUM SECURITY are a leading brand in inexpensive home security solutions. For more information on the latest MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictor colour finishes contact us and someone will guide you until you’ve selected the ideal product necessary to get the job done fast and with ease.