Nigel Tolley Euro Cylinder Plug Puller Sets- The Locksmith’s Friend

If you are a professional locksmith and really want to make a name for yourself in the industry, then you must invest in appropriate cylinder tools in order to guarantee success and cement your reputation. Here at TradeLocks, we offer a diverse and wide ranging selection of highly desirable and sought after cylinder tools, as well as more specialised options so that all bases are covered. If you have something specific in mind then just let us know as we will take any bespoke requirements into consideration. Shipping throughout the entirety of the United Kingdom, we supply quality lock tools for cylinders exclusively developed for homeowners in Great Britain and Ireland. Choosing the finest cylinder lock tooling on the market will set you apart from the rest of the competition and allow you to get a better return on your investment. It’s a win-win situation!


Our extensive catalogue of merchandise includes tools for both destructive and non-destructive entry, as well as a wide variety of handpick tooling and accessories. You will discover that there are plenty of different options when it comes to bypass tools-which are a professional locksmith’s first option when it comes to stretching and expanding uPVC doors, thus exposing the lock mechanism and allowing easy, fast entry. If you really want to hone your skills and improve general performance then we recommend that you invest in an Electric Pick Gun, as it is not only faster but requires far less strain and effort to get a cylinder lock opened. By bouncing the pins up and down equally, the pins of the lock can adjust accordingly and find their heights, thus getting the lock opened faster. In addition to this, TradeLocks also offers a comprehensive collection of useful, reasonably-priced accessories for opening cylinder locks and bump keys.

One of the things which every locksmith should always have at their immediate disposal is a professional set for pulling plugs from cylinder locks, and fantastic Nigel Tolley Euro Cylinder Plug Puller Sets (from the signature range of TradeLocks’ extensive catalogue of equipment) are the ideal choice. Nothing beats being able to effortlessly and simply pull Euro cylinder plugs and overcome commonplace problems which professionals are faced with when using more standard, run-of-the-mill Plug Puller Sets. We ship Nigel Tolley Euro Cylinder Plug Puller Sets throughout the United Kingdom, and guarantee speedy, efficient delivery.

pluggyDeveloped by the former aerospace engineer Nigel Tolley, this faultless, functional plug puller tool has been specifically manufactured to work smoothly, and with massive force. Nigel Tolley Euro Cylinder Plug Puller Sets come in an attractive, durable aluminium case which is designed to make transportation easier as well as keep all your lock tools neatly organised in an orderly fashion, and protects them from becoming damaged due to daily wear and tear.

Within this case, you will find the base and tension plates, which are the key tools in this set. In addition, there are two drivers (long and short), depending on the type of lock you are working with, as well as an extension piece which makes work around door handles and other obstructions far easier. Also included in Nigel Tolley Euro Cylinder Plug Puller Sets are four screws-two short and two long-for exactly the same purposes as with the drivers, so you have a choice as to what you will be working with. Remember that the cylinder pull screw is NOT included in this set, and for good reason. There are so many different types of pull screws and sizes, depending on what type of cylinder lock you are working with. They are relatively inexpensive, and can be easily found anywhere, allowing you to pick and choose which screws you use most regularly.


Nigel Tolley Euro Cylinder Plug Puller Sets use sheer force to help you overcome any Euro cylinder lock you are faced with an easily gain access. Since the initial development of these Nigel Tolley Euro Cylinder Plug Puller Sets, a torx driver and socket wrench pieces have been added in order to ensure that you are well prepared for any Euro cylinder locks. All you need to do is get your preferred pull screw size, and you are set! Our incomparable Nigel Tolley Euro Cylinder Plug Puller Sets are considered extremely desirable amongst those in the know, and have been reduced to an incredible £49.00, so why not take advantage of this discount deal and give your business a bit of a boost?

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