POTW: Impress And Save Over £30 on Our Mortice Impressioning Sets!

Mortice locks are some of the hardest locks to crack facing locksmiths today

With a difficult and intricate lever mechanism, picking this type of lock can often end in a waste of time and a serious amount of frustration. However, with our full range of Mortice Impressioning Sets, you can ensure that cracking these tricky pieces of hardware for your customers is a breeze.

As a professional locksmith, having the right tools at hand when on a job is key to getting it done faster.

The result of a serious amount of research and development over a period of over 12 months, our Tradelocks Mortice Impressioning Sets will allow you to impression a mortice lock and develop a working key, which you can then duplicate in minutes. It’s a truly fantastic domestic locksmith tool for every professional in the trade.

The case for each set is made entirely of aluminium, making them durable enough to withstand being taken from job to job and being thrown around in your service vehicle. Each domestic locksmith tool is clearly labelled and has a specific place within the case and is kept in it due to the rubberized fillings of the case. The tools are not only made of high-quality materials, they are developed to be easier to work with and to use. Overall, the entire set screams quality. These kits will not only improve your ability to appear as a professional, they will improve your ease and ability to work.

Until Friday the 26th of May, we are offering our fantastic Mortice Impressioning Sets for the amazing price of £54.99 – a reduction of £30!


  • The Chubb Mortice Lock Impressioning Set


  • Tradelocks Legge Yellow Mortice Lock Impressioning Set
  • The Securefast Impressioning Set


  • The Union Mortice Lock Impressioning Set
  • The Yale Lock Impressioning Set


  • The Legge Black Mortice Lock Impressioning Set

All for just £54.99 + VAT each.

Can’t pick just one set? When you buy all 6, you’ll get them for the hugely discounted price of £325 + VAT, a saving of over £100.


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Remember, we are only offering these incredible products at this discounted price until the 26th of May, so get yours today and don’t miss out!

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