Tradelocks at MLA Expo – Products that are Key

Proving our machines are a cut above the rest, we will be giving demonstrations of some of the top Keyline products at this year’s MLA event.

As industry leading manufacturers of key cutting and cloning technology, Keyline are globally recognised for their product innovation and easy to use proficient machines. Here at Tradelocks we are proud to showcase the revolutionary range of Keyline technology which is exclusive to us.

Keyline Ninja Laser

This is the standard machine for duplicating edge cut door keys and every model of automotive keys on the market.

  • It uses an end milling and a double speed prismatic cutter for effect on laser keys, door and automotive edge cut keys and tibbe keys
  • It has an AC jaw with one clamping system that can cut the majority of the laser keys currently on the market
  • Can cut and decode emergency keys
  • Functional and modern design
  • Can process every cutting system and easily obtain software updates


Keyline Carat Machine

The Carat machine with 2 Sided Jaw, is a simple cylinder cutting machine designed to cut cruciform keys and flat keys for car and cylinder locks.

  • Capable of cutting multiple cylinder and cylinder car keys
  • Flexible, safe and easy to use
  • Allows for the deepest and most rapid cutting
  • Offers a quick and simple way of selecting the jaw side
  • Extra features include a light with a magnifying glass


Falcon Key Cutting Machine

This standalone tibbe key cutting machine is the only mechanical cutting machine for special keys; designed for code keys, particularly Tibbes.

  • Comes with jaws for Jaguar, Ford, Abus and Abloy
  • Maintains flawless key stability throughout the cutting process ensuring perfect key execution
  • Complies with all the most recent safety standards, engaging a safety feature once the cutter starts
  • Secure the key without special tools
  • Machine can cut a key on both sides without removing it from the jaw, as the key rotates
  • Machine comes with a fuse to protect the engine and wires, avoiding accidental overloads


The Ninja Dark

This is a high-precision automatic duplicating machine ideal for use in cutting shops and at trade counters.

  • Simple to use as it requires almost no experience
  • Allows you to simply insert the key and choose the quick copy option
  • Extremely safe, as it only works with its lid down – meaning no need for goggles
  • Attractive, with a black back cover
  • 4 different jaws included, which are easy to change; one for standard keys, one for deeper cuts on cylinder keys and two more for double edged car keys


Ninja Vortex Machine

The only complete machine that cuts high security laser and dimple keys both singularly and in series.

  • High speed performance for cutting and decoding
  • Has an engraving system that lets you personalise metal heads via graphic etching with no need to remove the key from the jaw
  • Ensures a secure installation of dimple keys by automatically calibrating and identifying them
  • With Liger software, it has the ability to process every cutting system and easily obtain software updates


Keyline Ninja

The Ninja is used for high precision code cutting, duplication and decoding of single and double-sided flat keys.

  • It has an archive option which allows the user to import or export via USB any keys, references, cuts or depths
  • Compact in design and ideal for working environments
  • Communications through Instacode and Promaster
  • Integrated key database which is used in other Keyline machines
  • Functions such as saving of the cut keys and management of multiple users
  • Option to download the updates


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