UAP Put MAX6MUM SECURITY into Mortice Locks

We have recently added 6 Lever Mortice Locks to our MAX6MUM SECURITY range of affordable, high quality door security products. So, what makes the MAX6MUM SECURITY Mortice Locks any different to other Mortice Locks out there?

Well, to start with our Mortice Locks are 6 Lever, this means greater security against picking; the anti-picks on each lever are really good and the anti-pick on the stump adds to the protection. To aid our anti-pick we have worked with renowned Locksmiths Martin Pink and Chris Belcher to develop a unique extended warding on the Mortice Curtain.

We are so confident that our Mortice Locks cannot be picked that we have previously held an open competition in which people were offered £1000 if they could pick the lock in under 5 minutes. No one has ever come close.

We also have a unique key which we own the registered design to, it has a crucifix end meaning it is not easy to copy and will make impressioning the lock even more difficult. The key is a restricted key way so nobody can legally copy it, but don’t worry we have plenty of key blanks in stock.

The MAX6MUM SECURITY Mortice Locks are available as a Sash Lock or a Dead Lock, both of which are to the BSi Kitemark BS3621 Standard, Secured by Design Approved and as they are 6 Lever they meet the insurance requirements for domestic locks.

The Sash Locks come with a Patent Pending  Reversible Bolt, so whereas you would normally have to remove the sash bolt and turn it around to change the door closing from left to right, with ours you just need to turn it and refit the face plate, this will take around five seconds.

The MAX6MUM SECURITY Mortice Locks are ideal for Composite and Wooden Doors and are available with two different sized cases, 2.5 inch and 3 inch and come with either Stainless Steel Face Plates or Brass Plated Plates. The Mortice Locks can be keyed alike in pairs or keyed alike, for instances where one door requires a dead lock and the other a sash lock, keyed alike is available too.

We always try to take fitting a product into consideration during the design process, in order to limit the amount that has to be cut out of the door we have designed our Mortice Locks with a very slim lock case.

Spare Lever packs are available, these are ideal for jobs on hotels, apartments or new build developments where numerous people will have the key to a lock, with the Spare Lever Pack they can simply replace the levers so that the lock is secure.

We also supply Mortice Repair Kits which have every lever, every spring, every replaceable part for easy servicing or upgrading of locks.

The Mortice Locks will be available as part of the MAX6MUM SECURITY retail range in the high impact yellow and black blister packaging for those of you with trade counters.