We have launched our innovative new door knocker which eliminates the need for measuring, drilling and bolting. The Hidden Fix Door Knocker has a super-strong, waterproof adhesive covering so fixing a door knocker has never been easier.

The demand for “hidden fix” door furniture has grown over the last three years beginning with handles and moving onto door knockers.

We responded to this demand by introducing Hidden Fix numerals which are now used extensively in composite doors. However, producing Hidden Fix door knockers proved to be considerably trickier.

Our design objectives were;

1. The door knocker had to have an easy to use fixing system
2. The fixing method must have no chance of water ingress into the door or panel
3. The fixing method must be simple and allow the option to fit the product on site if necessary
4. The door knocker must be able to be removed if necessary without damaging the door

The result was the Hidden Fix Door Knocker, comprising of a base plate which fixes to the door with two small screws. The screw fixings are surrounded by a high quality, closed cell, self-adhesive tab which aids location of the base plate and stops any chance of water ingress into the door.

The door knocker body consists of a patent applied for shell and striker and easily locates onto the base plate and clips into place.  The door knocker body can either be fitted onto the base plate in the factory or attached to the door for fitting on site. Once the door knocker body is attached to the base plate, it is incredibly secure and cannot be pulled off the door as the self-adhesive backing adds extra security as well as preventing water ingress. The result of this is a stunning door knocker offering maximum weathering protection and fool-proof ease of use.

This innovation removes the need to drill through the door resulting in a much cleaner, smoother look on the inside. The chance of water ingress and rot is also eliminated meaning call outs for remedial work on liable water damage will be a thing of the past. With the right know how, Hidden Fix can also be removed quite easily leaving no damage to the door.

Combining the style, quality and value for money that UAP products are famous for, the Hidden Fix Door Knocker is now available in the classic 6” Victorian Urn style with black, white, chrome or brass finishes. A choice of aluminium, PVD gold and mirror polished stainless steel finishes will also soon be available.

Discover the magic of Hidden Fix and how it can transform your profits now.

For more information or to place an order please contact the UAP sales team on Tel: +44 (0) 161 796 7268 / Email: