NEW Product: Schlosser Technik 3 Star Kitemarked Euro Cylinders

TradeLocks are now proud to stock Schlosser Technik TS007 3-Star Euro Cylinders!

With five keys as standard, dual colour finish and a non-handed design, the cylinder offers unparalleled security and incredible sales potential for locksmiths and trade counters without investing in excessive stock.

The cylinder offers next-generation security and is accredited with the prestigious British Kitemark TS007 3 Star, Sold Secure Diamond Standard, meets Police Preferred Specification and is accredited by Secured by Design after undergoing rigorous snapping, drilling, bumping and picking tests.

As one of the most secure cylinders available, the Schlosser Technik 3 Star features a patented trap pin system intricately designed to ensure the hardened molybdenum centre is completely locked out during an attack. A vital benefit of the trap pin system is that in the aftermath of the stopped intrusion, the fully secured door can still be opened and closed from the inside using the key.

To supplement the patented trap pin system, it has a snap-secure design offering two sacrificial sections which will break away when attacked by lock snapping. The remaining cylinder part can still be accessed via key after any potential attack.

In addition to advanced anti-pick and non-responsive anti-bump pins, the cylinder enters the market as one of the most secure anti-drill cylinders. Twenty-two hardened steel pins are reinforced with strategically placed hardened steel plates positioned throughout the cylinder to completely block attempted drilling attacks.

Available in both key/key and thumb turn models the Schlosser Technik 3 Star Kitemarked Euro Cylinder can be purchased via

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