NEW Restricted Keyway 1* Cylinder

restricted keyway cylinder

UAP are launching a new cylinder lock with a restricted keyway, which provides ultra-strong security and control, only for locksmiths.

What is a Restricted Keyway?

A cylinder lock with a restricted keyway only allows key duplication by an authorised person, with new keys only being duplicated by an authorised master locksmith . This creates a more secure system than a standard key, as the restricted profiles help and protect properties by eliminating the security issues created by stolen or lost keys being copied. It is illegal for an unauthorised locksmith or anyone else to reproduce restricted keys.

restricted keyway

Restricted key systems can also be customised to allow different levels of access to different key holders. They can also provide you with a detailed record of how many keys have been cut, where, and who authorised it. Plus, it’s much more difficult to pick a restricted key as they have much more complex designs than standard systems.

Our new restricted key cylinder is a 1* high-security cylinder with six pins, supplied with three keys made of steel. It features anti-bump, anti-dill, anti-pick and sacrificial cut security features, and is Secured by Design approved and 1 hour fire rated. It will soon be available for purchase at Tradelocks.

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