Picking and Decoding the BMW HU100R door lock using the Genuine Lishi pick and decoder Vol.1

Welcome to the guided series for picking and decoding the BMW HU100R Door Lock using the Genuine Lishi Pick and Decoder Vol.1

The HU100R tool was designed for the F Series lock used from 2010 on 1 Series models, but generally after 2013 on other models. HU100R was what the tool became known for, (i.e. HU100 reverse profile cut), and the name stuck.

Key Details

This key blade is actually the same blade as the Vauxhall Opel HU100, so in essence, it’s the same lock as far as picking and decoding is concerned. The only difference is that’s is a reverse cut profile, i.e., with the tip to right and bow to left, the BMW key has the cuts on the top side of key profile. On the Vauxhall, it’s on the bottom, therefore we need for a different tool.

The lock is a laser style two track lock, with eight wafers using four key cut heights. The key is cut on Instacode card number 1360 and uses both an HF and a Z series.

Both tracks of the key interact with the lock. One track interacts with the even numbered positions, and the opposite track interacts with the odd numbered positions.

Site Reading the Key

BMW HU100R Door Lock

Lock Details

The lock, like the Vauxhall lock, has eight wafers in it in a conventional one up one down configuration. The lock is often heavily recessed inside the handle.

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Stay tuned for more information on the BMW HU100R door lock.

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