Picking and decoding the Ford Jaguar HU101 lock using the Genuine Lishi pick and decoder Vol.1

Introducing you to the new guide series, where we will be exploring how to pick and decode the Ford Jaguar HU101 lock using the Genuine Lishi pick and decoder Vol.1.

The HU101 lock has been widely used by Ford since 2005 but began service on Cmax models from 2003. Despite being in service on Ford vehicles for 14 years now, it’s still one that many auto locksmiths fear and dread. It is very similar to the Mercedes HU64 lock in how we approach it, and is, after practice, a very quick lock to defeat and decode. For this guide, we have chosen a 2015 Transit custom lock.

Ford Jaguar HU101

The tool for the HU101 lock is a twin lifter laser track tool containing all 10 cuts on the grid and all five key heights. The early generation 2in1 would only work on door locks, the newer 3in1 generation is extended and modified for ignition use as well.

Key Details

The Ford Jaguar HU101 is a laser-style internal two-track lock. The key contains 10 key cuts and has five key cut heights. There are a few exceptions on some Ford models, for instance, the Ford Kuga from 2012. This version of the HU101 only houses seven key cuts in all locks, positions one, two and 10 are not used in the 2012 on Kuga. This is the same in some USA models as well.

Also, the new 2016 on Mondeo keyless go by pass key also doesn’t use all 10 cuts. Two different formats have been seen thus far, one had eight cuts, and the other nine cuts. In one position, one was missing and the other position one and 10 were missing. The most common lock you will see is still the full 10-cut lock.

Key Rules

On Ford models, with the exception of Ford Kuga up to 2015, the lock follows some simple rules that are worth remembering:

  • The number 10 position will always be a number two key cut.
  • No position will be more than two key cuts away from the cut next door to it.

From what we have seen of the new 2016 Mondeo lock, these rules do not apply, and any differ should be expected. Also, as you will see in other HU101 guides, the rule of the tenth position always being a two cut does not apply to some series used by Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover.

In the case of the 2012 Kuga, the tenth position isn’t used, so this rule differs, but the rule of no cut being more than two cuts away from the next still applies on Kuga. The key cut info for the 10-cut lock most commonly seen is:

Instacode card 998 cuts the following series:






The seven-cut Kuga 2012 on cuts on

Instacode card 1370 and cuts key series


Lock Details

The door and ignition locks, with the exception of the 2012 on Kuga and the new 2016 on Mondeo keyless system, all follow a two up two down wafer configuration. Most models only have a driver’s door lock and ignition lock.

Site Reading the HU101 Full 10-Cut Key

The key, as stated, houses 10 key cuts using five key cut heights. We know that the tenth position will be a number two cut.

HU101 lock

We can read the key with ease; a key from bow to tip of positions one to 10 of “2124553312”.

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