Soterian Slim TS008 is Approved for FD30

Soterian Slim FD30

We are pleased to announce that our Soterian Slim TS008 letterplate has been Certifire approved by Warringtonfire Testing and Certification Limited. The Soterian Slim is now FD30 rated, which approves it for use with a variety of door assemblies, including timber faced and edged leaves with timber, cellulosic or mineral cores in timber, and metal or composite frames having fire resistance of 30 minutes, depending on letterplate assembly. An FD30 rating ensures that the letterplate can block the spread of fire for up to 30 minutes, which is an essential safety net in the event of a fire. The intumescent liners provided by Vanquish Hardware Protection Ltd are integral to the overall effectiveness of the letterplate’s fire resistance on either face.

The Soterian Slim is an update to our original Soterian TS008 model, which was designed with industry- defining security features, such as a restricted opening to protect against key fishing and lock manipulation, plus no visible screws to prevent it from being removed from the frame. The new slim version packs all these features into an even slimmer – by 21mm – frame for a sleek and modern look. It’s Document Q and PAS24 compliant and designed to be fitted to 44mm to 70mm composite, timber and uPVC doors. Plus, it’s cycle tested to 20,000 cycles, so you can be sure it’s up to the job. The original Soterian model is also available as Certifire tested to FD30 and FD60.

Calling Timber Door Manufacturers

Are you a timber door manufacturer and want to hear more about our Certifire approved TS008 letterplate? Get in touch!  We welcome visitors to our head office in Whitefield, Manchester and we’d be pleased to share our knowledge and experience in fire-rated hardware solutions.

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