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3-star security: You may be thinking about improving your home’s security by upgrading the locks on your windows and doors, and the security rating of hardware can be a helpful indication of the protection they offer. But how do you choose what’s best for your home?

West Yorkshire Police states that there’s two nationally recognised standards for cylinders in the UK – these are TS007 (1 star or 3 star) and Sold Secure Diamond (SS312). Door handles are also tested to TS007 standards and can achieve a 2-star rating.

It’s recommended that a 3-star solution is the minimum you should upgrade to. This can be achieved by:

  • Upgrading all door hardware to 3-star standard.
  • Upgrading your cylinder locks to 3-star options, combined hardware of other star levels will make a solution with a 3-star rating overall.
  • Similarly, 3 stars can be achieved by fitting a 1-star cylinder with a 2-star handle.

It’s recommended, however, to install a Euro cylinder lock with the highest security rating available, as this is likely to be the focus of attack in the event of an attempted burglary. 3-star cylinders provide protection against all known lock snapping and bumping techniques, which will deter the majority of criminals. Solutions that don’t meet a 3-star total rating likely will not provide protection against lock manipulation or break-in attempts as they do not have all the up-to-date features such as anti-bump and pick.

Our Kinetica+ K4 3-star cylinder lock is our highest-security offering yet, packed with high-performance patented security features including an ingenious cam system and anti-snap, anti-bump, anti-pick, and anti-tilt mechanisms. It boasts a 1-hour fire rating and comes with three germ-safe Bio keys. Kinetica+ K4 is also Sold Secure Diamond, Secured by Design, PAS24, and Document Q approved. A new horizontal keyway option is now available.

Tradelocks also provides a range of 1-star Euro cylinders and other door hardware that can make up a 3-star solution. Navigate back to our blog page to find more hardware tips and advice!

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