UAP’s FREE PPE Pledge with Make Good Grow

Make Good Grow, a company that works with businesses to help them achieve their CSR or ESG objectives and “empower their workforce to do good in the community”, has published an article about UAP’s pledge to provide free PPE to those who need it. UAP has now donated over £500K worth of PPE to local charities, schools, hospices, mosques, and small businesses that have been struggling to source it during the pandemic, helping them to keep operating over the last couple of years.

UAP have a long track record of supporting various charities and good causes, from building schools in Nepal, to planting more than 50,000 trees. We have recently pledged with Make Good Grow to provide a rolling programme of offers which anyone can benefit from – we are currently offering free hand sanitiser to anyone in need as of February 2022. Get in touch with us on 0161 796 7268 or the Make Good Grow team at

PPE is still commonly used in the hospitality sector

We began producing and manufacturing our own PPE during the pandemic in 2020 when supplies in the UK were critically low, and at Christmas time that year, we donated a large portion of it to local charities that needed a bit of extra help. A variety of charities, schools and local businesses received our PPE to help them operate safely as National restrictions were beginning to lift, including Coffee 4 Craig, Barnabus, Lifeshare, Whitefield Primary School, Casalingo, and more.

Our PPE is high-quality and CE-marked where appropriate. UAP PPE is appropriate for use on-shift, in public environments, and commuting on public transport. We have a range of PPE available, including face masks, face shields, overalls, hand sanitizers and more to keep you safe at work.

At UAP, we take our social responsibility as a company very seriously. We don’t just operate to make a profit, and despite our huge growth over the last 25 years, we see ourselves fundamentally as a local business and a part of the Bury community. We believe that everyone who needs PPE for their safety should have access to it, whether or not they can afford it. The North West has been hit badly by Covid time and time again, and businesses like ourselves that have the means to do so must step in to help.

Read Make Good Grow’s article here.

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