What’s the Best Letterbox for your Home?

Best Letterboxes: Soterian Slim & UAP iPlate

With so many options for letterplates on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best letterbox for your home. The main points to consider are the appearance of the letterbox and how it will contribute to the overall look of your front door, and the security features; quality letterboxes have a big role to play in preventing intruders from entering your home, as the letterbox is a point of entry. Intruders can attempt to “fish” items through the gap or open the lock from the inside, which is why a high-security letterplate is so important.

Take a look at our top two options from UAP: The TS008 Soterian and iPlate, both packed with security features to keep your home protected.



The Soterian is a stylish, streamlined and secure letterbox, designed to add essential security features to the door while also contributing to its overall appearance. TS008 and PAS24:2016 approved, the innovative pivoting stay mechanism reduces the opening to 37° for protection against letterbox fishing, as well as preventing intruders from being able to manipulate the cylinder and unlock the door from the inside via the entrance of the letterbox. There are also no visible fixings on the outside, meaning that intruders cannot unscrew it from the door as a means to break in.

Rigorous testing ensures that the Soterian can withstand thousands of openings, protecting your door for years to come. The letterbox is also available in a Certifire fire-rated version, tested for up to 60 minutes of protection.

The Soterian Slim has all the great features of the original Soterian but within a smaller package, slimmer by 21mm, for a sleeker look. Both letterplates meet TS008 test requirements – this means that they eliminate the risk of an intruder gaining access to the property by means of physical force, letterbox fishing, and lock manipulation, whilst also maintaining clear access for postal items.



The iPlate has a unique frameless and slim design, making it the perfect choice for an entryway into any modern home. Created with help from Royal Mail, the iPlate’s innovative design avoids many of the issues associated with regular letterplates, such as its Patent Pending Soft Close feature.

First edition iPlates utilised a unique un-sprung hinge, a magnetic ‘click to close’ feature, and soft plastic brushes moulded into the rubber of the letterplate. The new features of the iPlate take it further by adding internal changes that leave the exterior unchanged and as sleek as ever. With no visible frame, our very own design classic will look good on any door. It now boasts traditional brushes in front of the aperture and is internally sprung with UAP’s ultra-reliable torsion bar, to give that extra feel of positive closure.

The iPlate also has a corrosion-resistant finish, manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, and a lifetime coating guarantee, making it a perfect choice for homes in coastal areas.


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