Book Your Place on A TradeLocks Lock Opening Course and Perfect Your Performance

Lishi Workshop #2

Due to incredibly high demand, TradeLocks has been investing in developing our very own fully-equipped locksmith training centre based in Dundalk, Co. Louth, from where we will offer regular vehicle and lock opening courses. The course will begin with vehicle opening, where we will go in far more depth and discuss the locks and how they operate. These hands-on, practical modules will be extremely demonstrative, with each trainee having their own individual locks and tools to use. We will look in detail at the different methods adopted for entry, including the handling of Overlifters, Rakes and Jigglers. After this, we will then progress to using the now world-famous Genuine Lishi NightVision tools, and Genuine Lishi Tibbe merchandise. ... read more >

On the 12th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me….The 5-Piece Inner Groove Pick Set for Only £50.00 + VAT!!!

11Especially designed to open out locks, inner groove picks are the ideal choice for professionals around the globe. The unrivalled 5-Piece Inner Groove Pick Set from TradeLocks is a brilliant investment for any novice or professional locksmith. Selecting the right kind of auto tool for the job is absolutely essential if you want to guarantee success and see turnover increase significantly. The 5-Piece Inner Groove Pick Set is such a popular option as it not only offers 5 durable, hard wearing auto locksmith tools in one set, but is also fantastic value for money- and a great investment towards growth and expansion in your chosen field of expertise. ... read more >

On the 11th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me…Don Braidwoods Door Spreaders for Only £12.50 + VAT!!!

Spreader #1

The use of Door Spreaders has grown rapidly in popularity due to the widespread replacement of standard doors with uPVC doors. TradeLocks offers not only the finest range of Door Spreaders on the market, but can 100% guarantee that these products reach you in perfect condition as every item is thoroughly checked before despatch. Don Braidwoods Door Spreaders are extremely well-known in the professional locksmith trade as they are of the highest quality and have been developed with usability and effectiveness in mind. They are innovative and original, and constantly impress on all levels and will give your business a real boost, which is why so many people have decided to invest in Don Braidwoods Door Spreaders as opposed to other tooling of a similar ilk. ... read more >

On the 10th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me…..The Chris Belcher Button Gauge Set for Only £15.00 + VAT!!!!!


If you are searching for the perfect solution when it comes to enhancing and expanding your catalogue of locksmith services then the Universal 7 Gauge 2-in-1 Pick Set is ideal. It is the ultimate choice for anyone who wants to stay one step ahead of the competition and add safe lock picking to the already impressive list of tasks which you can undertake with ease and efficiency. With a variety of top quality lock tools which can be adjusted accordingly to help you pick a broad reaching assortment of safe locks you will automatically increase your customer base and allow your business to grow at a steady rate. ... read more >

On the 9th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me…….The Peterson Phoenix Automotive GSP Pick Set for Only £75.00 + VAT!!!!


Due to the fact that locksmiths are encountering more and more Euro-Style Keyways, Peterson’s have developed new Government Steel Plastic (GSP) Series Picks which have a specific “EURO” design in order to allow access to be gained into keyways which had been designed to be restrictive and limiting. Peterson’s added profile designs-which had already been tested in EURO Keyways-and placed them into the world-famous Peterson Moulded Plastic Handles. The picks in these Peterson sets are cheaper, more lightweight and transmit far less vibration than other products of a similar type, thus making your working life far easier. The smooth edges around the picks make you think that these particular picks have ball bearings, but instead they have been through the brand new tumble/polish process during manufacture. ... read more >

On the 8th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me……The Genuine Lishi Key Cloner for Only £300.00 + VAT!!!!!


This is the unrivalled Genuine Lishi Key Cloner Machine, and on the 8th Day of Christmas, it has been reduced to an incredible £300.00 + VAT!! The highly desirable, ultra durable Genuine Lishi Key Cloner Machine has been updated to meet all specifications and guidelines, and comes with a 12-month ‘return to office’ warranty.  It is able to identify the Transponder, write the Transponder, copy the Transponder and calculate the Eeprom memory. After collating all of this information, the Genuine Lishi Key Cloner Machine can then calculate Transponder Codes from the Eeprom memory as well as the pin codes from using the chassis or the Transponder. The machine is also able to test the Transponder and generate fixed Transponder codes. We strongly suggest that the Genuine Lishi Key Cloner Machine is used with 4D and 46 mold, which are the new and original versions. ... read more >

On the 6th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me……The Premium Ford Tibbe Kit for Only £60.00 + VAT!!!!!

tibbeThis fantastic product is the Premium Ford Tibbe Kit, and it contains the Genuine Lishi Ford Tibbe Decoder as well as the Tibbe Make Up Key. All tools are held together in a sturdy metal case, making for easy transportation, and this also ensures protection against potential damage. Due to the fact that you will have to take the Premium Ford Tibbe Kit with you frequently whenever you are called out on a job, it is imperative that tooling does not succumb to daily wear and tear. If you have to constantly invest in new locksmith tooling then this could end up costing an absolute fortune, so if you are presented with a cost-effective, affordable and reliable alternative such as the Premium Ford Tibbe Kit then this will no doubt come as a welcome surprise. ... read more >

On the 5th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me……The Budget Snapper Bar for Only £15.00 + VAT!!!


Every professional locksmith should have at least one Destructive Entry Tool in their van or toolbox in order to complete jobs effectively which require fast entry through destruction of the cylinder lock. TradeLocks features numerous durable, hard wearing lock tools, which make forced destructive entry a great deal easier. There are a number of circumstances where there is no other alternative but to use destructive entry, but the most common of cases is when the homeowner has forgotten or mislaid their keys (or they were stolen) and prefers a new lock for security reasons. Another likely situation is when a door has to be opened as quickly as possible due to there being only a limited amount of time in which to carry out a task, and therefore you need to act swiftly and pro-actively. ... read more >

On the 4th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me……The KD900 Key Remote Generator for Only £250.00 + VAT!!!!


On the fourth day of our Twelve Days of Christmas promotion, TradeLocks has decided to focus on the fantastic KD900 Genuine Lishi Key Remote Generator, as it is innovative, simple to operate and comes bearing the hallmark of true quality. For ONE DAY ONLY, we are reducing the price of the KD900 Genuine Lishi Key Remote Generator to an incredible £250.00 + VAT, which saves you a massive £65.00!!! Our already affordable catalogue of top of the range locksmith supplies are considered to be the finest on the market, so why not take advantage of this exclusive discount deal and grab a bargain buy, just in time for the festive season? ... read more >

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me….The RPCP 3 Piece Set Deal PLUS a FREE Decoder for ONLY £199.99 + VAT!!!!

3 cb

Our fantastic 12 Days of Christmas campaign is going ever so well so far, and we hope to continue keeping up the good work with our next special offer. This deal is far too good to miss out on, and it does not matter whether you are a seasoned professional locksmith or keen amateur who is just starting out in the industry as we guarantee that everyone will be thrilled with this latest bargain buy. Chris Belcher is a well-known and respected authority in the locksmithing trade, and his knowledge and expertise knows no bounds. After the recent success of the fantastic TradeLocks Open Weekend, he has become even more of an established name due to his immense talent and wisdom. When it comes to demonstrating how his branded tooling works, there is no-one better befitting the bill.   ... read more >

On the 2nd Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me….. Mortice Lock Impressioning Sets for £75.00 + VAT!! OR all 6 for ONLY £400.00 + VAT!!

Here at TradeLocks we are regarded as a market leading supplier of sought-after, resilient locksmith tooling which has been designed with durability and effectiveness in mind. We can honestly say that our merchandise is of the very finest standard, as it has been created entirely from scratch, with meticulous care and attention to detail. It does not matter if you are an enthusiastic novice or seasoned professional, as everyone will benefit from these quality items, all of which come complete with an attractive, affordable price tag. Locksmith tooling from TradeLocks is simple to operate and does not need replacing on a regular basis, thus saving both time and money. ... read more >

And on the 1st Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me…..4 x Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 Tools for ONLY £120+VAT!!!

lishiiChristmas is fast approaching, and it is a time when people really do go all out as regards blowing their budget on little luxuries which they do not normally indulge in. When the festive season is in full swing it means that small extravagances are within anyone’s budget, even if it means cutting back on expenditures in January. Locksmiths across the United Kingdom flock to TradeLocks in order to take advantage of the incredible deals on offer, as our tooling, accessories and remotes are affordable, reliable and designed for durability. Even though we strive to keep rates to an absolute minimum, this does not mean that we compromise on quality, as each and every item bears the hallmark of superiority and excellence. ... read more >

Chris Belcher-The Best in the Business

chris b

Chris Belcher is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced locksmiths in the industry, as he has developed some highly impressive, sought after domestic locksmith tooling which professionals use on a daily basis. The tools are primarily focused on making opening mortice locks and safes a great deal easier-and faster. With ground-breaking, revolutionary designs such as the Chris Belcher Taper Pin Set for Safe Repairs and the Universal 7 Gauge Safe 2 in 1 Pick Set (and much more besides), it’s no wonder his locksmith tools are considered desirable amongst those in the know. ... read more >