The 2 Day TradeLocks Vehicle Opening Course-How Was it for You?

On the second day of the TradeLocks Vehicle Opening Course, both Richard Breslin and Martin Pink thought it would be an excellent idea to focus on specific locks, such as Ford. Ford locks are notoriously difficult to pick but, seeing as Ford models are the most popular make of car on the road by a considerable margin, anyone looking to make a name for themselves in the auto locksmith trade needs to be relatively competent when dealing with Ford locks, otherwise their services will be somewhat limited. Therefore, Ford lock picking is an essential skill to master, which is why Martin and Richard (both of who are respected authorities when it comes to the fine art of Lishi) wanted to concentrate on this particular aspect of Lishi-picking in order for trainees to develop and expand their skills and become more knowledgeable and confident in the process. ... read more >

Practice Makes Perfect on the 2 Day Vehicle Opening Locksmith Course

2 day

As soon as he sat down at his workstation, Henry explained the reason why he booked a flight to Manchester as soon as word started spreading that there was to be another 2 Day Vehicle Opening Locksmith Course in the pipeline, “I wanted to gain more experience in the auto locksmith industry in order to expand my client base and generate more customer awareness. I remember locking my own keys in my E200 Mercedes Benz years ago, and had no clue how to get them out without causing any damage to the lock; but now I am aware of what to do in this situation. However, there is still a lot to learn-which is why I am here!” ... read more >

Get Proficient With Peterson Picks and Tools at the 6th Annual Locksmiths’ Expo!

lock expo

The Locksmiths’ Exhibition returns in 2015 for its sixth year, and we expect that it is going to be bigger-and better-than ever before! On Saturday 7th March (09:30-17:30) to Sunday 8th March (09:00-15:30), locksmiths from across the UK and Ireland-as well as further overseas-will descend upon the East Midlands Conference Centre, University Park, Nottingham, to attend one of the most eagerly-anticipated and prestigious occasions of the calendar year; and we cannot wait! ... read more >

Locksmith Training Courses Perfectly Demonstrate the Art of Lishi


Here at TradeLocks, we always believe that you can improve and progress as a professional, regardless of how experienced you may be. Everyone can learn new skills and perfect their overall performance, and one of the most effective ways in which you can expand and develop your services is by attending one of our informative, educational Locksmith Training Courses. ... read more >

The TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit Defeats Locks with Effortless Ease


One of the most common ways in which you can successfully defeat a cylinder lock is through simply unlocking it from the inside, with the assistance of the uber-versatile TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit. The TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit is the ultimate tool to help you quickly and easily defeat a lock, without having to use destructive force. You can complete even the most complex of tasks with consummate ease and efficiency if you invest in the incomparable TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit, as it has been specifically developed to work with both uPVC and wooden doors. It can slip through any letterbox without any trouble, so you can work productively-and with confidence-at all times. ... read more >

Introducing…..The Complete Genuine Lishi User Guide & Training Manual Kit

lishi manual 3Here at TradeLocks, we constantly look at ways in which to expand and develop our range of services, and offer customers a diverse variety of options as regards their professional needs. If you want to make a name for yourself in the auto locksmith industry and build up a reputation as a leading authority in your chosen field of expertise then you have to remain one step ahead of the competition at all times. When it comes to the fine art of Lishi-picking, one clumsy mistake can mean that you have to start again from scratch, which wastes valuable time- as even seconds count. However, if you really want to get to grips with 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 Genuine Lishi auto tools then the Complete Genuine Lishi User Guide & Training Manual Kit is an essential investment. ... read more >

The Disc Detainer Padlock Pick-Designed to Make your Working Life So Much Easier

disc 1

As a professional, you are faced with a variety of different obstacles on a daily basis, and therefore you need to be prepared for all inevitabilities. Here at TradeLocks, we supply such a broad reaching assortment of incomparable General Tools, which have been designed with the specific intention to make your working life that little bit easier. The high quality Disc Detainer Padlock Pick is ever so versatile and user-friendly, and can be operated regularly without becoming damaged in the process. Though you may not have to take the Disc Detainer Padlock Pick out every day, it will still need to be used frequently, as the majority of Abloy-type locks (such as Blackspur and Monteray locks) are rather expensive. As opposed to breaking the lock open, it is perhaps far more agreeable for the owner to call upon a locksmith to complete the job, as this will give them the opportunity to simply get a replacement key. ... read more >

Non-Destructive Entry Tools save Time and Money

Spreader #1

Professional locksmiths use a variety of different methods and techniques in order to defeat a lock, and the first-and most preferred-is to use non-destructive entry tools. By defeating a lock using non-destructive entry tools, you save a great deal of time and money in the process, so it is obvious why this is such an attractive prospect. If you can stick to a budget whilst simultaneously seeing profits increase then this will give business a real boost and put you in an incredibly strong position as far as your reputation is concerned, as you will never have to compromise on quality and service. With non-destructive entry tools you can complete tasks with consummate ease and efficiency and still bring home a considerable profit. ... read more >

Discounted Genuine Lishi Tools Are the Perfect Investment

lishi 2

If you really want to make a name for yourself and create a lasting impression then we have everything you need right here at TradeLocks. One of the ways in which you can generate widespread interest and attract even more customers is by adding auto services to your current list of services, or you could even focus entirely on vehicles. Thanks to a 436k boost in 2013, almost 32 million cars were reported on the roads last year, according to research. ... read more >

Defeat Safe Locks Successfully with the Unbeatable CB La Gard 2200 Variable Tool and VMI (Variable Magnetic Indicator)

gard 1

The majority of professional locksmiths who work with safes on a frequent basis are faced with the tricky La Gard lock, which tends to have some issues with the key guide Tooth in the entrance of the key way. This key guide Tooth tends to snap and break off, which makes it nigh on impossible to manipulate and defeat with standard, run of the mill safe lock tools. The TradeLocks Chris Belcher La Gard 2200 Variable Tool and VMI (Variable Magnetic Indicator) was specifically developed out of frustration that, previously, there were no alternative tools to effectively work in conjunction with the La Gard 2200 Safe if it has been damaged in any way. The CB La Gard 2200 Variable Tool and VMI is the most suitable tool to use on this type of lock, and is also incredibly basic. ... read more >

Pick Up Some Exclusive Discount Deals in the BIG TradeLocks Sale


If you are to succeed in your chosen field of expertise and really want to make a name for yourself then it is imperative that you stay one step ahead of the competition at all times. Thinking of innovative and inventive ways in which you can improve and expand your range of services is always a good idea, as developing your facilities and offering a wider spectrum of solutions will forever work in your favour. ... read more >

The TradeLocks Extended 2-in-1 Pick-In a League of Its Own!!

pick 1If you are a professional who works with safes on a regular basis then it is essential to stock up on high quality picks in order to get the job done in the quickest time possible, and with minimal disruption and disturbance. The unrivalled TradeLocks Extended 2-in-1 Pick is the perfect choice for locksmiths who are looking to make their working life considerably easier, and in turn can offer their customers an ever wider range of services which will suit all specifications. In many instances, people want tailored solutions which can be customised to meet their particular personal or commercial needs, which is why investing in a durable, hard wearing Extended 2-in-1 Pick is such a good idea. Each and every Extended 2-in-1 Pick comes with the added guarantee of true quality and excellence, and will cater for a number of different requirements. ... read more >

Stop Lock Bumping Today with the Unbeatable Pickbuster!


When it comes to improving and enhancing the general standard of front door security you cannot go wrong with the resourceful, versatile Pickbuster. The Pickbuster is suitable for a multitude of different purposes, and presents the perfect solution if your customers not want to undertake a detailed and complicated DIY project. Nowadays, one of the most common and frequent methods of gaining access into a house is by a process called “lock bumping”, as it is speedy and effective, and has an incredibly high success rate. Therefore, it is imperative that homeowners take the necessary precautions required in order to prevent lock bumping from happening, and one of the ways in which to deter would-be intruders is by applying the Pickbuster to the locks in their property, as this prevents forced entry. ... read more >

Keep your Business Safely Behind Closed Doors with Solid, Sturdy Borg Locks

Borg Locks are functional, long lasting and easy to operate, and are the result of over 15 years of extensive market research. TradeLocks supplies a diverse and broad reaching variety of heavy-duty Borg Locks, all of which perform to the highest level and meet the strict requirements of specialist applications. They are suitable for almost every timber, aluminium, steel and uPVC installation, so are incredibly versatile and multifaceted. One of the reasons why Borg Locks are considered highly desirable amongst professionals is due to the fact that they offer unlimited control of a door, with the added convenience of not carrying around cumbersome keys, or having to find the right key to open a lock. ... read more >

Stop “Fishing” Today with the Letterplate Restrictor Shroud


Even though the number of burglaries in the United Kingdom and Ireland has decreased in recent times, it is still important to ensure that your customers have all the right door hardware installed so that they are safeguarded from potential risk. If homeowners are looking to give security a bit of a boost then Letterplate Restrictor Shrouds from TradeLocks will make such a difference. They are incredibly durable, built to last and have been specifically devised to prevent “fishing”. Key or letterplate “fishing” is a common technique used by burglars in order to get a hold of keys, purses, handbags and other belongings without even having to enter a property. ... read more >

Peterson’s Picks and Tools-Flying the Flag for Quality and Innovation

pet 1

Peterson’s unbeatable range of Picks and Tools are a staple essential for any locksmith, regardless of how much skill and expertise they have under their belts. They are an essential investment for professionals looking to make a real name for themselves in the trade, and guarantee that tasks will be completed with consummate ease and maximum efficiency. Our fantastic collection of Peterson’s Picks and Tools is nothing short of perfection, as we have spent a great deal of time and effort making sure that each and every item is of the highest calibre. We have put together this unbeatable catalogue of choices for both domestic and auto locksmiths so that all of your commercial and individual requirements are catered for, and guarantee speedy, fast shipping. ... read more >